Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Summer won't let go....

Summer?  She's a tough, one room schoolhouse, edge of a dusty town sort of lady....and she's not letting go.

It's hard to reconcile the fact that fall is right around the corner, when the temperature is set to break 34 degrees today.  My classes begin again this week, I'm having trouble envisioning any kind of textured tights or wool jackets at this point.  More likely summer dresses in class if the weather carries on this way all week. 

This week also marks a decade of teaching at George Brown, the college in Toronto where I work.  Ten years.  I'm not really sure how all of those years slipped by, or where the hundreds of students I've met over that time are now. 

I love hearing stories from people that I've worked with pursing jewellery professionally, going onto full time studies, or launching their own lines.  To celebrate ten years, I'd like to share a photographic tutorial on wax carving basics below, and am having a back to school sale in my shop over the weekend, starting Thursday, and ending on Sunday night. 

These images represent the basics of carving my bevelled, heavy mens band, which begins as a long tube of wax which I cut a section from and essentially carve the form that I want in metal.  The wax form is eventually cast into metal (gold or sterling) and then the clean up process begins (filing, emery work, polishing etc.).

Just enter "WINDMILLPUNCH" when you check out your cart in my Etsy shop, and you receive 10% off for this weekend only.  So if you've been eyeing a new pair of earrings or neckpiece for the fall, here's your chance!



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